November 2008: In order to support negotiations regarding numerous new projects under development by its shareholders, Ibereólica, S.L. (“Ibereólica”), a company dedicated to the development and operation of renewable energy projects in the wind sector, appoints SOCIOS FINANCIEROS to carry out an independent valuation of its assets.The aforementioned assets include six operating wind farms with an installed and attributable capacity of 127 MW, two of these under extension in order to add attributable capacity of 32 MW, one wind farm under construction with attributable capacity of 16 MW and fifteen further farms under development and in portfolio, at different development stages, with a total attributable capacity of 1,024 MW.

SOCIOS FINANCIEROS acts as independent valuation expert, preparing a detailed analysis of the aforementioned assets, and presenting its conclusions to the management team and shareholders of Ibereólica.