June 2013: The completion is announced of the merger transaction involving the seven bottling companies producing Coca Cola and its other sister products in Spain (Casbega, Colebega,Cobega, Rendelsur, Begano, Norbega y Asturbega) together with the Portugese bottler, (Refrige).

The decision was taken by Cola Cola España as part of a restructuring process aimed at obtaining a more efficient and competitive manufacturing platform internationally. The new bottling company will have a combined turnover of €3,000 million and is valued at €5,000 million.

SOCIOS advises Asturbega (the bottling plant which covers Asturias, León, and parts of Zamora and Palencia) and its shareholders in the defence of its/their interests vis-a-vis other bottlers in the contest of the valuation exercise performed by the Coordinating Banks and in fixing the terms of the share exchange for this transaction.